Financial security against extremely harmful events


  • Pay only for what you need
  • Combine your IMMO and AUTO insurance and save up to 10% of your prime IMMO
  • Exclusive advantages offered to Sogebank’s clients (rebates, preferential rates, cost sharing for property valuation)
  • Payment flexibility


  • An insurance Multirisk, Fire, Accident, Other risks (I.A.R.D.).
  • A Consulting Service available to businesses and individuals.
  • A basic coverage including the following guarantees: Fire,  Lightning protection, Explosion, Natural Catastrophes, Strikes and riots,  Malicious damages to property, Spiteful act, Vandalism, Car accident, Airplane crash.
  • The capacity to add other insurance coverage “on demand” for: water damages, burglary, window breakage, civil liability.


Contact Soge Assurance on the following telephone numbers +(509) 2229-5890 ou au +(509) 2815-5890