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PPDI Loan (Programme de promotion de développement d’immobiliers)

The PPDI loan is a credit offered in the context of the Real Estate Promotion and Development. This program aims to facilitate the execution of sustainable quality housing projects to the haitian population in order improve land distribution, the construction of appartments and buildings for rent or subsequently sold as condominium units. The PPDI loan is destined to eligible real estate developpers, marketers or investors. However, the PPDI specifically targets all the progessionals working in a permanent organisation  involved in real estate, and not to physical persons and occasionnal project supervisors.

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Prêt Immobilier Sogebel (PREISO)

Prêt Immobilier Sogebel (PREISO) is a financial instrument which provides the financing for the acquisition and/or the construction of residential or commercial buildings. This loan is destined to any individual living in Haiti or in the Haitian diaspora.

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