Service de Payroll


This service is available in gourdes or in US dollars and presents the following characteristics:

  • Transfer from Account to Account
  • Implementation deadline: The participants’ accounts are credited 48 hours following the payroll request.
  • Fees: No fees are required from the employee.  However, the participating institutions have to  pay  the bank 1 to 2% or the overall payroll amount


The service offers the following advantages:

  • Reduction of administrative costs through the issuance of only one check or transfert to all the employees’ accounts
  • Reduction of theft such as checks or cash
  • Increase productivity since the administrative delays caused by the distribution of salary paid in cash
  • The employer will only need to inform his employees that the salaries have been deposited at the bank on the prescribed period.
  • Salary securely deposited directly in his account
  • Funds are immediately available to the employee without having to wait for the check to clear

Documents to be presented

Any institution which can provide

  • A letter of application
  • The legal constituting documents (authorization to operate, founding acts, internal regulations, patent, etc.)
  • Copies of the valid official identity documents of the institution’s and employee’s legal representatives
  • Proof of physical address