La Société Générale Haïtienne de Banque d'Epargne et de Logement S.A.


Sogebel, Group Sogebank’s real estate subsidiary (Société Générale Haïtienne de Banque d’Epargne et de Logement), was established on  May 24, 1988 as the Sogebank Group’s founding members wanted to offer and supply private individuals and institutions with appropriate services and products in the real estate sector.

Sogebel is managed by a joint board of administration concerned by the future evolution of the Haitian market.  Through Sogebel, Sogebank is able to meet, at best, the client’s needs whether one is a private individual, a private company or an institution.

SOGEBEL, with its team of skilled and committed professionals, seeks to reach its objectives which aim to increase its presence on the real estate and housing market.  Simultaneously, Sogebel prioritizes the implementation of a commercial offer through a strategy oriented to diversification and specialization adapted to customers, individuals to professionals, active in the various market segments.


SOGEBEL aims to be the key /critical partner in developing the real estate market and capable to propose innovative financial solutions.


Sogebel’s mission aims to offer products and services adapted to the customer/s in the financial and real estate sectors through its expertise in the development of strategic partnerships all the while putting technology at the forefront of the client’s experience.


Sogebel respects and applies the Group Sogebank’s IMPEC values:

  • Integrity
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Team Spirit
  • Customer