Plan Epargne Retraite (PER)


Plan Epargne Retraite (PER)  has been created for the clients seeking, in the long term, to maximize returns on their savings in order to plan their retirement.  The PER is an individual savings account which may be opened by either a physical or moral person.  The amount is locked-in and may be withdrawn at maturity.


  • The account may be opened in Gourdes or in US Dollars.
  •  Minimum deposit to open the account : 2,500.00 Gourdes or USD200.00 under the condition to deposit a fixed monthly amount until maturity
  •  Interest rate: based on market conditions, calculated on the minimum monthly balance.
  •  Non payment of interest if the terms of the contract are not respected
  •  Maturity date to be chosen upon opening the PER
  • Competitive pricing
  • Monthly payments made on a fixed date
  • Possibility to make additional deposits at any time
  • Available to individuals of more than 18 years of age
  • After advising the client, the rate may be revised other than the rate available on the financial market,
  • Possibilty to use the interest accumulated the fifth year after opening the account.
  • Term : illimited


Compared to other loan insstruments available on the market, the PERe offers the following advantages

  • Possibility to progressively accumulate capital to ensure one’s retirement years ;
  • Better rates than the basic savings account
  • Fiscal advantage : Deduction of the amount saved from revenues when filing income tax
  • Possibilty to use this savings account as a cash guarantee to benefit of a loan at SOGEBEL
  • Assist the client in managing the account and future project
  • Access through SOGEBEL on line

Required documents to open an account

Either one (1)  of the three (3) valid pieces of identification as listed below

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • National identity card

Proof of address (Either one (1) of the documents  as listed below)

  • Invoice from EDH
  • Invoice from DINEPA
  • Any other invoice or document proving that you are residing at the indicated address.