Plan Epargne Logement (PEL)


Plan Epargne Logement (PEL) is a savings instrument established to future home owners in order to help them reach their objective.  This product will help the client regularly save small amounts of money over the long term and accumulate sufficient capital, establish credit to concretize a construction project, purchase a new home or make improvement on an existing house.


  • The account may be opened in gourdes or in dollars.
  • The possibility to make an initial deposit for a real estate project financed by SOGEBEL
  • Compettive interest rate calculated on the minimum monthly balance
  • Nonpayment of interest if the conditions stipulated in the contract are not respected
  • Maturity date to be chosen upon opening the PEL
  • Favorable pricing: the credit interest rate is superior to the regular savings interest rates available on the market.
  • Monthly deposits made on a fixed date. The client may plan a voluntary monthly or quarterly additional deposit
  • The account may be under the name of a physical or moral person (individual account/joint account).
  • Possibilty to use the interest accumulated from the fifth year after opening the account.
  • Monthly calculation of interests on the average balance every two years.
  • After 12 months of dormancy, the account is converted in a regular savings account.
  • All change rate will be made on a quarterly basis
  • The account may be under a minor’s name.


This product offers the following advantages:

    • Possibility to progressively accumulate capital to ensure the building, acquisition or renovation of a house or property.
    • The amount saved during the year is deductible from the taxable income declared when filing income tax tax
    • Access to all the products and services offered by SOGEBEL
  • Possibility to make additional deposits at any time
  • Possibility to use this account and secure a loan with SOGEBEL
  • Assist the client in managing the account and future project
  • The amount available on the account may be used as a credit collateral
  • Offers better financing conditions for real estate loans (rates, dossier fees, etc.) and property evaluation

Required documents to open an account

Either one (1)  of the three (3) valid pieces of identification as listed below

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • National identity card

Proof of address (Either one (1) of the documents  as listed below)

  • Invoice from EDH
  • Invoice from DINEPA
  • Any other invoice or document proving that you are residing at the indicated address.