SOGEBEL savings account


The SOGEBEL savings account allows the client to make deposits on the account some of his revenue which, during a period of time, is not used for consumer expenditures.  Account holders are eligible to a bankbook.


  • The account may be opened with a minimum deposit of 1,000 Gourdes or in US$20.
  • Interest rates : based on the market conditions
  • Interest calculation: monthly, based on the lowest balance on the account.
  • Minimum balance on which the account can earn interest: 1,000 Gourdes or USD20.00
  • Interest are deposited on the account on a quarterly basis
  • After notifying the client, the interest rate may be revised based on the rate on the monetary market
  • Minimum balance pf US$500 or 50,000 gourdes is to be maintained in order to avoid paying monthly fees


This product offers the following advantages

  • The product allows clients to put money aside in order to make certain expenses or reach long term objectives, accumulate funds to purchase a house or travel in the future.
  • The client can also use the account as a financial cushion in case of unexpected events such as unemployement or illness.
  • Access to SOGEBEL on line.

Required documents to open an account

Either one (1)  of the three (3) valid pieces of identification as listed below

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • National identity card

Proof of address (Either one (1) of the documents  as listed below)

  • Invoice from EDH
  • Invoice from DINEPA
  • Any other invoice or document proving that you are residing at the indicated address.