Service d’Evaluation de Biens (SEB)


Service d’Evaluation de Biens (SEB) offered by SOGEBEL and its partners concerns the evaluation of property assets.  This evaluation will include, among others, an environmental evaluation of the property, the quality of the construction, the asset’s economic value, etc. At the end of the evaluation, a certificate of evaluation will be given to the client.  This product is destined to any individual who own or wish to acquire property assets.  The evaluation allows the individual to know the real value of their property.

Documents required

  • 2 valid identity documents, choose one of the following:
    • National ID card
    • Passport
    • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of address (bank statements from other banks, EDH bill, lease agreement)
  • Title of the house to be home to be improved and the property’s survey plan
  • Proof of steady income
  • Estimates of the work to be executed
  • Guarantees: life and multi risk insurance