Secure transfers through a highly performing system


  • Rapid transfers (done in a few minutes)
  • Secure transfers made through a highly performing system
  • More than 500,000 authorized Western Union agents in more than 200 countries


  • The possibility to send and receive international money transfers
  • The possibility to send and receive interregional money transfers
  • Possibility to send funds from Haiti directly to a bank account abroad (Direct to Bank : D2B)


To receive a money transfer (via Western Union):

  • Go to a Sogebel branch, have an proof of identity and transfer number;
  • Complete the necessary Western Union form to receive the funds

To send a transfer (via Western Union)

  • Go to any Sogebel branch office, with the sum to be transferred as will with the information relatives to the beneficiary.
  • Complete the necessary transfer form.

To send a transfer (D2B – Direct to Bank):

  • The expediting bank must be affiliated to the D2B via Western Union service.
  • The expeditor must be knowledgeable of the basic  information (Name of the bank; name, physical address and phone number of account holder.  Account number—routing or ABA)

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