Classic Internationale

Can be used nationwide and abroad


  • Obtention of rebates in the form of cash back whenever you make a purchase with your card
  • Reimbursement of expenses in Gourdes
  • An installment credit
  • Withdrawal of funds in more than 750,000 ATMs worldwide


  • A Visa or MasterCard credit cards are available.
  • A mean of payment available at businesses and professional offices affiliated through the Visa and MasterCard network nationwide and abroad (23 millions businesses and professional offices)
  • A renewable consumer credit (reusable capital borrowed as reimbursements are made).
  • 24 months financing in Gourdes
  • Cash advances available in Haiti and abroad.
  • A line of credit starting at 12,500.00 Gourdes


Complete a specific  form available in all the Sogebel branch offices.