Plan Epargne Boni (PEBO)


Plan Epargne Boni (PEBO) is a special account put in place in order to allow a client to deposit fixed amounts, agreed in advance and at determined periods, for a special objective. PEBO is destined to clients who have a specific project for which they want to accumulate capital for a particular objective or who wish to establish a cash collateral for a credit which may be over the accumulated funds.


  • The account may be opened in gourdes only with a minimum of 10,000 gourdes.  The client is obligated to make a fixed amount deposit as indicated until the term of the account.
  • Maturity date: 12 months based on the frequency of the annual payment.
  • One deposit every two weeks/15 days (or 24 deposits at the end of 12 months)
  • No withdrawal is authorized.  In case of a withdrawal, the account is no longer eligible to the annual interest payment.


This product offers the following advantages:

  • The return rate is higher compared to the yield on savings accounts available on the market
  • The capacity to accumulate a capital for a future project.
  • Instead of using available funds, the possibility to establish a line of credit and save for other future projects
  • Assist the client in managing the account and future project
  • Service accessible through Sogebel on line

Specific Conditions

Upon opening the account, a contract of engagement specifying the conditions relative to the product will be signed by the client.  All the conditions stipulated in the contract will be clearly explained to the client as well as the obligation to periodically deposit the amount established according to the selected date.  Other than receiving interests, a special bonus is payable at the due date if the client has respected his engagement

Required documents to open an account

Either one (1)  of the three (3) valid pieces of identification as listed below

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • National identity card

Proof of address (Either one (1) of the documents  as listed below)

  • Invoice from EDH
  • Invoice from DINEPA
  • Any other invoice or document proving that you are residing at the indicated address.